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The 10 Most frequently asked Questions about the International Airbrush Days 2017

It‘ll be that time again in just six months – that‘s when the 2nd International Airbrush Days will be taking place from April 29th to May 1st, 2017. This event will feature some of the scene’s top international stars including Dru Blair, Alan Pastrana, Rod Fuchs, Gear Duran, Marcus Eisenhuth, and many more. As we always get a bunch of questions about this extraordinary event, most of which dealing with conceptual issues and organization, we‘d like to take this opportunity to answer the 10 most frequently asked questions.

Are the International Airbrush Days a fair or an exhibition?

No, die International Airbrush Days are not a fair or an exhibition, but rather a workshop event. That means, you can participate in workshops or watch presentations for three whole days. Visiting a workshop means that you’ll actively be brushing along as well. A presentation means that the artist/lecturer presents a certain technique and you view the presentation. You can choose from a program offer of over 30 workshops and presentations.

What does the ticket cost? Are there discounts?

The 3-day ticket costs 495 EUR. The early bird price has unfortunately already come and gone, but there‘s a 50 EUR discount for those who participated in the IAD 2015 as well as for members of the World Bodypainting Association. In addition, there‘s currently a limited Christmas special. Get more info on this here.

Can I reserve workshops with certain artists in advance?

No. You‘ll be selecting your events right on site at the event. A couple of days before the event begins, we’ll have our fixed course program from which you can construct your desired course program consisting of 4 or 6-hour workshops and 2-hour presentations. You can “visit” as many artists as you’d like.

Where can I check out the course program?

You can find a few excerpts from our course program already under the rubric “Agenda“. As 2016 comes to a conclusion, we‘ll make an initial preliminary course plan. Please denote that changes to the exact times of the individual workshops may change leading right on up to the event itself.

Are there enough spots in the workshops for every participant?

Yes. Every participant will be guaranteed a spot in one of the 5 workshops or demos that will be taking place at the same time. The number of participants per workshop/demo will likely be limited to a maximum of 20. Since every lecturer will be offering several workshops and presentations, everyone will have the chance to experience his or her “favorite“ artists.

I don’t speak any German. Will I even be able to understand what’s going on?

Don’t worry. The event takes place in Hamburg/Germany, but it will be completely bilingual. Every workshop and/or presentation will include English-speaking assistants who will be able to lend you assistance whenever you need it. It’s often enough though to simply watch and learn. At least, there will be 4 artists teaching in English language anyway and others will be happy to also make explanations in English, if necessary.

My airbrushing isn‘t all that good yet. Is it even worth it for me to visit the Airbrush Days?

But of course. If you‘re not feeling all that comfortable with the airbrush at the moment, then feel free to participate in the 6-hour airbrush basics course on the first day of the event. No less than Dru Blair and Marcus Eisenhuth show you the most important airbrushing techniques and spend time practicing fine lines, soft color gradients and the so-called dagger stroke, a stroke that runs to the tip, until you have a dominant control of the airbrush. You‘ll then surely be ready for the workshops that follow throughout the event!

Why are the International Airbrush Days only taking place in Hamburg?

Because this event requires a great deal of logistical preparation and we can only manage all that sufficiently right here in our home town. We can very well understand that everyone would love to have an event of this nature right in their front yard. But do believe us when we say that it‘s much easier for you to come to lovely Hamburg than for us (that is, a team of 30 people!) to come to you. And it‘s certainly no cliche when we say that Hamburg is always worth a visit! Bring the whole family – take a look at what Hamburg has to offer:

I can participate in the International Airbrush Days next year as well, right?

No, because the next International Airbrush Days event won‘t take place for at least 2 years. And it certainly won‘t feature the line-up we have this year. The concept of the event is to bring in different international pros and artists each and every time. So if you want to see this year’s lecturers live, then it’ll only be possible at the International Airbrush Days 2017.

Is there a deadline for signing up?

Yes, for organizational reasons, we‘ve had to set a deadline for signing up in order to calculate and plan accordingly for materials, rooms, etc. The deadline for signing up for the International Airbrush Days 2017 is March 4th, 2017.

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