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Suddenly time passed by so quickly. After 1,5 years of preparation, we are now already looking back on a great International Airbrush Days event 2017 last weekend. We would like to thank everybody who was involved: The instructors Dru Blair, Alan Pastrana, Rodrick Fuchs, Barney Nikolic, Marcus Eisenhuth, Holger Schmidt, Bas Maatjes, Philipp Klopfenstein and Thomas Olczyk. Our helping hands and assistents Christoph Kottemölle, Mark Malek, Rüdiger Ueberschaer, Gilles Bachmann, Jürgen Hansen, Tobias Thomaschk, René Becht, Theresa Johns and Kirsten Buthmann. And of course, our sponsors and their teams: Jörg Warzyceck from Createx, Gary Glass, William Naemura, Alberto Ferrero and Fabio Terminiello from Iwata Medea / Anest Iwata. It was also a pleasure to have Mario Romani, who came all the way from Italy to present his airbrush collection in Hamburg. Last but not least, thanks to W8 Berufliche Schule Burgstraße for their hospitality and the team of Kleeblatt catering service for the delicious food. Thank you so much, everybody, for your professionality, flexibitlity, good sense of humour and commitment!

A very warm thank you to you, dear students, too! You have really been fantastic (not only the ones on this photo, but all of you, that took part in the International Airbrush Days 2017). You made this event unique and unforgettable. By the way: Photos and review of the event will be published in Airbrush Step by Step 03/17 English by end of June.

See you next time! The Airbrush Step by Step team Roger Hassler und Katja Hassler

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