• Save 50 Euros: Discount for WBA members

    Due to the fact that the International Airbrush Days 2017 will take place at the Hamburg Make up artist school, Berufliche Schule Burgstraße, and there will be workshops and demos presented by Barney Nikolic and Gear Duran, the event will emphasize the topic of special effects make up and bodypainting....

  • Welcome on board: Rodrick Fuchs

    He was much in demand by ASBS readers and workshop students and well recommended by his American colleagues. This is why the IAD team finally recruited the Canadian automotive painter Rodrick Fuchs. Rod mainly focuses on fantastic motifs, such as dragons, wizards, fairies, reapers, gargoyles, and unicorns. He has been teaching...

  • Take a look at the first highlights of the agenda!

    From Macro Photorealism, realistic skin textures, painting on T-shirts and feathers to UV art and digital illustration techniques – these are only a few of the workshops and demos that the International Airbrush Days 2017 will provide. And a special highlight for beginners: The beginner class will be held by...

  • Cover, Interview and Tutorial by IAD Artist Gear Duran

    IAD Artist Gear Duran aka Gearboxxx is widely renowned from Youtube and Facebook. His crazy posts and freaky videos are catching the eye. His artworks, blending airbrush, graffiti, digital and oil painting techniques, are mind-blowing. In the fall issue of Airbrush Step by Step magazine you can look forward to a great cover artwork...

  • New leaflet: The whole event at first sight

    The first leaflet for the event is now available. Take a look at artists and topics at a glance.  

  • Beginners welcome? Sure!

    You have never airbrushed before or you lack a bit of exercise? No problem! On the first day of the International Airbrush Days 2017, there will be, among others, a six hours beginners class, where you can learn all the basics from scratch. After that, you are all ready for...

  • Register now and save 50 Euro

    Ticket sales have been launched: If you decide right away to take part at the International Airbrush Days 2017, you can save 50 Euro! The ticket price with an Early Bird discount is only 445 Euro. The standard price will be 495 Euro. Go to Registration

  • Photorealism on Feathers

    Thomas Olczyk will teach you his fascinating technique to create photorealistic artworks on feathers and leaves. Be part of that magic happening at the International Airbrush Days 2017 in Hamburg.

  • A touch of Hollywood at the International Airbrush Days 2017

    We succeeded to involve Special Effect Make up Artist Barney Nikolic from the UK with the event. He worked as Special Make up and Prosthetic Make up artist at movies such as „Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (1/2)“, „Word War Z“ and „Thor – the Dark Kingdom“. At the...

  • Comic and T-Shirt art by Airbrush Philipp

    We could hire another amazing artist for the International Airbrush Days 2017: Airbrush Philipp aka Philipp Klopfenstein from Switzerland will show you professional T-shirt airbrushing and some funny comic art!

  • The first six artists are set!

    The high level will be continued at the 2nd International Airbrush Days: 4 new faces plus 2 „old hands“ are set for the event 2017. For the first time, meet Custom Painting artist Alan Pastrana, crazy airbrush, spray can, UV and digital artist Gear „Gearboxx“ Duran, German Youtube star Bas Maatjes and shooting-star Marcus Eisenhuth. Back...

  • Everything new in May 2017

    The International Airbrush Days 2017 will take place at the Professional School Burgstraße (training center for hairdressers, cosmetics, make-up artists, geriatric care etc.) in Hamburg/Germany.