Historic airbrush exhibition

At the International Airbrush Days 2017, the Italian artist Mario Romani will show his collection of historic airbrush devices. His collection includes almost 400 devices from the last 120 years, plus 50 ancient airbrushing handbook from all over the world. At the International Airbrush days 2017, Mario will show a part of his collection, which was only on display in Italy before.



Artists‘ gallery

Tale a look at some artworks of the international airbrush artists: Alan Pastrana, Dru Blair, Rod Fuchs, Gear Duran, Marcus Eisenhuth, Barney Nikolic, Thomas Olczyk, Philipp Klopfenstein, Bas Maatjes, Holger Schmidt and Roger Hassler will bring a small choice of their artworks. In course of the event, the artworks of the students shall also be on display.


Airbrush Shopping – presented by Iwata, Createx & Airbrush Step by Step

Take the opportunity and shop some airbrushing materials. The sponsoring team will provide you with a range of products.