Demos have a duration of 2 hours. The artist is demonstrating his technique and explains his way of working.

Gear Duran:

Gear Duran’s UV Art
Ultra Violet Black light demo using the fluorescent wicked colors and showing how to achieve a sophisticated color palette with Createx UV colors.

Digital illustration techniques with Corel Painter2017, Photoshop and Wacom Cintiq
Get an insight into Gear Duran’s digital art process.

Rod Fuchs:

Brushing dragons
Watch how Rod Fuchs sketches dragons freehand and experience how he transforms his draft to an airbrush illustration.

Skulls and Reapers
…are Rod Fuchs’ trademark. Take a look over his shoulder while he designs his classic motifs.

Marcus Eisenhuth:

Realistic fire in etching technique
Realistic fire looks great on motorbikes, but it is fantastic in illustrations as well. Learn to create realistic fire with the etching technique.

Barney Nikolic:

Special Effect Make up –  Create a Monster
Watch how Barney Nikolic transforms a human being into a monster. Barney Nikolic uses silicon parts and his airbrush technique in order to create a Hollywood-like special effects make up.

Behind the scenes of Harry Potter & Co.
Barney Nikolic provides an insight into his work for cinema and TV productions and reveals useful information.

Special Effects Techniques on silicon masks
In this workshop you will learn professional techniques of Hollywood’s special effects make up artists. Like make up artists, participants will work on silicon masks in order to create realistic creatures.

Philipp Klopfenstein:

Philipp Klopfenstein will show you how you can design your own T-Shirts.

Airbrush on mousepads
Learn more about this special surface and Philipp Klopfenstein’s comic style.

Thomas Olczyk:

Airbrush on feathers
Thomas Olczyk teaches you how to paint photorealistic illustrations on fragile objects, for instance feathers.

Airbrush on foliage leaves
During your next stroll in the woods, you can find an alternative surface for your paintings: foliage leaves! Thomas Olczyk presents his techniques for artworks on this natural surface.

Holger Schmidt:

Custom Painting: Preparing the surface & clear coat
Airbrushing… well and good. However, when it comes to Custom Painting, you should pay attention to a correct pretreatment and a successful clear coating. Holger Schmidt will show you how this works.

Candy colors / Candy2O: Basics, effects & Co.
The right handling and usage of Candy colors has to be learned. Holger Schmidt will show you the best way to apply Candy colors and other great effects.

Bas Maatjes:

Plan and prepare motifs
Learn how to view and transfer templates correctly, recognize and display details, determine colors and tonal values as well as how to work with “Photoshop-Tricks”.

Textures: application, possibilities, techniques
Textures such as wood, fur, stone, carbon, scales, corn etc. will be shown.

The perfect background: learn how to present motifs
Learn how your motif stands out from the background, how you can design abstract backgrounds and how to choose the right colors and effects for this purpose.

Roger Hassler:

Digital Painting as motif preparation for your airbrush artwork
Roger Hassler explains the basics of digital painting and will show you how you can use your digital painting as a reference for your airbrush motifs.

Airbrush template design: create, design, plot
Create your own airbrush templates with a plotter. Roger Hassler will show you designing techniques at the computer, as well as tips regarding the output of the plotter.

Alan Pastrana:

How to sketch with an airbrush
Alan shows you how to draw gesture and simple objects as well as how it relates to more complicated subjects, establishing light and shadow, building three dimensionality.

Eagle illustration
Look how Alan creates an amazing eagle illustration.