Thomas Olczyk

Thomas Olczyk was born in Poland in 1974 and has been living in Germany since 1987. Already as a child, he liked to paint and draw. In school, art belonged to his favorite subjects. His greatest interest was, however, the construction of model airplanes. To give them a special veneer, he started using an airbrush for the first time in the 90ies. After Thomas Olczyk saw some pictures that were painted with an airbrush, his artistic side was once again awakened. In 2001, he got to know Frank Herterich and partook in his Airbrush courses to learn the techniques and how to comprehensively use the airbrush. Constructing and painting model airplanes is something he no longer does. Instead, he loves to paint pictures (when he has time) using the airbrush technology and now and again, he himself pilots small airplanes, wondering at the world from above.


Thomas Olczyk at the International Airbrush Days 2017


Airbrush on feathers
Thomas Olczyk teaches you how to paint photorealistic illustrations on fragile objects, for instance feathers.

Airbrush on foliage leaves
During your next stroll in the woods, you can find an alternative surface for your paintings: foliage leaves! Thomas Olczyk presents his techniques for artworks on this natural surface.