Philipp Klopfenstein

Already at the age of 22, Swiss artist Philipp Klopfenstein set up his own business in airbrush art. Only one and a half years before, he had met an airbrush artist for the first time when going for a walk in the city of Bern and had bought some equipment immediately. His specialty is comic art on t-shirts. But also other surfaces are welcome for him. Beside customers’ assignments, he also does bigger projects such as his annual series (one artwork a day) or his gallery of a hundred snails. His second passion are organism artworks, which are created freely and offer much room for interpretation.


Philipp Klopfenstein at the International Airbrush Days 2017


Airbrush on mousepads
Experience a special surface for your artworks and create your own mousepad design in Philipp Klopfenstein’s comic style.

Philipp Klopfenstein will show you how you can design your own T-Shirts.