Marcus Eisenhuth

At the age of seven, Marcus Eisenhuth got his first airbrush tool for his birthday. Although he really enjoyed painting and drawing, he still preferred spray paint over the airbrush back at that time. Only 2007, after having spent roughly two decades in designing storefronts, the 33 year old finally discovered an interest in airbrush art that has never let him go.

In 2011, he started up as a part-time airbrusher and is currently an active part of the Airbrush-Fachverband e. V. as well as with artist and graffiti accessories in and around Berlin, where he helps customers and employees become familiar with the topic of airbrushing.


Marcus Eisenhuth at the International Airbrush Days 2017


Macro Photorealism
Learn how to design and present small objects in a photorealistic way. Marcus Eisenhuth shows you important aspects regarding the macro model and its transfer into the airbrush technique.

Airbrush course for beginners
This course will prepare you for the following workshops. The artist will teach you a confident handling with the airbrush, from soft color gradients to precise lines.


Realistic fire in etching technique
Realistic fire looks great on motorbikes, but it is fantastic in illustrations as well. Learn to create realistic fire with the etching technique.