Holger Schmidt

Holger Schmidt, alias ”Candyman“, has been providing helpful tips & tricks for years in various Internet forums and has become ‘the’ expert in custom painting in Germany. In 1988, he discovered airbrushing for himself, but working on a canvas wasn’t really his thing. His love for cars led the talented craftsman artist to custom painting. From 1990 to 1993, Holger was trained as a vehicle varnisher.

For about six years, he then worked in the exposition construction business where he was responsible for the construction, resto-ration, varnishing, and painting of carnival rides and constructions. Amongst his most spectacular orders have been the designing of promotional trucks for German television channels or the worldwide famous Coca-Cola Christmas trucks. For the past six years, the artist has worked for the oldest tire dealer in Essen, Germany, where he conducts painting and varnishing work and creates vehicle graphics of all types in the on-site paint shop. Custom Painting is something Holger currently only does as a hobby, once he truly enjoys, because then he can do exactly and only what he really wants to do. Nowadays, he’s the initiator of the custom painting meet-up in Delbrück, which is a sort of art panel jam where like-minded artists meet up and create joint-venture motifs.


Holger Schmidt at the International Airbrush Days 2017


Custom Painting: Preparing the surface & clear coating
Airbrushing… well and good. However, when it comes to Custom Painting, you should pay attention to a correct pretreatment and a successful clear coating. Holger Schmidt will show you how this works.

Candy colors / Candy2O: Basics, effects & Co.
The right handling and usage of Candy colors has to be learned. Holger Schmidt will show you the best way to apply Candy colors and other great effects.