Gear Duran

In 7th grade already, Gear Duran aka Gear Boxx had his first job as a t-shirt painter at the local mall in Santa Maria, CA. After many years of graffiti art, Gear is now based in Las Vegas doing his one of a kind art. He handles a variety of media including spray paint, oil, pencil, gouache, acrylic, airbrush and digital. His many years as a graffiti artist still shine through in his hardcore street style.

Gear is also well known for his live painting in Las Vegas, where he creates huge mural pieces. He creates eye popping UV Body Painting which made him participating at the TV bodypainting contest „Skin Wars“. Gear also attended the famous Gnomon School of Visual FX in Hollywood. He is making digital art using his digital tablet and programs like Photoshop, Maya and Corel Painter, to create worlds and creatures saturated with life and color. These creations can then be rendered onto anything with an airbrush or whatever else he can get his hands on.


Gear Duran at the International Airbrush Days 2017


Gear Duran’s Digital Style Illustration
Using prorietary texture templates Gear Duran will be showing how to create a form and style of art that looks like digital concept in grey scale monochromatic and with a touch of Candy2O colors to add flavor.

UV Creature Design
Dark room is a must. Learn to create one of a kind uv reactive creature concepts. Gear Duran is also showing how he created original assets digitally to then renderain airbrush artwork.


Gear Duran’s UV Art
Ultra Violet Black light demo using the flourescent wicked colors and showing how to achive a sophisticated color palette with Createx UV colors.

Digital Illustration Techniques with Corel Painter2017, Photoshop and Wacom Cintiq
Get an insight into Gear Duran’s digital art process.