Dru Blair

Artist Dru Blair lives in South Carolina (USA), where he runs his school for photorealism – The Blair School of Art – which was founded in 1997. In addition, he often finds himself in Europe, where he also runs courses. Dru began his airbrush career as a T-shirt painter and later worked as an illustrator.

By the end of the 80s, he had created his first airplane illustration entitled „Power“, which to this day remains one of the best-selling airplane illustrations on the planet. His amazing photorealistic illustrations have been published in a number of books and magazines and his techniques are shown in a number of instructional videos and articles. Dru Blair also developed his very own color theory known as the Color Buffer Theory, which is a fixed component of his courses.



Dru Blair at the International Airbrush Days 2017


Airbrush course for beginners
This course will prepare you for the following workshops. The artist will teach you a confident handling with the airbrush, from soft color gradients to precise lines.

Photorealistic airplane illustrations
Dru Blair became famous for his Aviation Art. He will show you how to brush spectacular and photorealistic aircraft.

Detail workshop about the eye
Learn about the details of the human eye and how you can brush them authentically in your artwork.