Bas Maatjes

Bas Maatjes began airbrushing in 2008 after having been an avid drawer and painter right from the beginning of things back in his childhood. Thanks to his love for Harley Davidson, he discovered his first custom paintings, which immediately fascinated him.

At the Custom-Treffen 2009 in Delbrück, Germany, he was able to gain his first experience in the field of commissioned work. Airbrushing is still just a hobby for Bas. However, he has designed a number of spraying templates for the company Kronis Schablonenshop and continues to enhance his portfolio with new artwork and custom paintings.


Bas Maatjes at the International Airbrush Days 2017


Plan and prepare motifs
Learn how to view and transfer templates correctly, recognize and display details, determine colors and tonal values as well as how to work with “Photoshop-Tricks”.

Textures: application, possibilities, techniques
Textures such as wood, fur, stone, carbon, scales, corn etc. will be shown.

The perfect background: learn how to present motifs
Learn how your motif stands out from the background, how you can design abstract backgrounds and how to choose the right colors and effects for this purpose.