Rod Fuchs

Professional freelance artist Rodrick Fuchs from Edmonton, Canada, has been an increasingly popular and sought-after choice for original, custom painted artwork

Thomas Olczyk

Thomas Olczyk was born in Poland in 1974 and has been living in Germany since 1987. Already as a child, he liked to paint and draw. In school, art belonged to his favorite subjects.

Barney Nikolic

Branimir Nikolic, known as Barney, has been working successfully as a professional make-up artist for the past 20 years. He acted as head make-up artist at the State Theatre in Hanover, Germany

Philipp Klopfenstein

Already at the age of 22, Swiss artist Philipp Klopfenstein set up his own business in airbrush art.

Dru Blair

Artist Dru Blair lives in South Carolina (USA), where he runs his school for photorealism – The Blair School of Art – which was founded in 1997.

Alan Pastrana

Alan Pastrana was born and raised in New York City. Alan attended the Fashion Institute of Technology (F.I.T.) in Manhattan where he majored in Illustration.

Gear Duran

In 7th grade already, Gear Duran aka Gear Boxx had his first job as a t-shirt painter at the local mall in Santa Maria, CA.

Roger Hassler

Roger Hassler was born in 1972 in Hameln/Germany. He is working as graphic designer in the fields of print and web design in his own studio and publishing house in Hamburg/Germany.

Marcus Eisenhuth

At the age of seven, Marcus Eisenhuth got his first airbrush tool for his birthday.

Bas Maatjes

Bas Maatjes began airbrushing in 2008 after having been an avid drawer and painter right from the beginning of things back in his childhood.

Holger Schmidt

Holger Schmidt, alias ”Candyman“, has been providing helpful tips & tricks for years in various Internet forums and has become ‘the’ expert in custom painting in Germany.