International Airbrush Days – The unique conference and workshop event all about the art of airbrushing.

Let the stars of the international airbrush scene teach you tips and tricks. Why choose one when you can learn from a dozen? 

> 3 days of workshops and demos – all day long

> 2-3 lectures per day 

> 11 internationally renowned artists

> free choice out of 5 lectures taking place at the same time 

> no standing room or spectators, but fully equipped working spaces for every participant 

> For beginners at no extra costs: Dru Blair und Marcus Eisenhuth will train you the basic skills in their six hours beginner class, so that you are ready to master the advanced workshops. 

> The whole range: automotive painting, illustration, skulls, flames, Portrait, fantasy, comics, special effects make-up, T-shirt painting,  UV painting,  body painting, and much more

> Information and shopping stands for even more airbrush stuff

All inclusive ticket price: 495 Euro



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